Youtube is  perfect for pervy old men because they have instant access to young unsuspecting girls in their rooms. 

Whenever I see someone with their eye brows drawn on all I can think is R.I.P Divine. 

Since I can’t have my bus driver, all I’m thinking about is Charlotte Schwab. Oh Frau

Show a little emotion, everyone thinks you’re unstable.

I miss stealth-homosexual. I don’t know what it has become. 

"I was a failure as a lesbian"

Never thought I’d fall for the bus driver

donating plasma rather than to succumbing to prostitution

Lust > Love

A man told me I had a sexy name today. I had the urge to run. 

I never know what to do when the mens get saucy with me

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When I leave in the morning, I look sleek and professional.

When I return for the evening, I look like I’ve been on a crack binge.  

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